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Harold was a man of his career and never seemed to find time for his beautiful wife Heather, let alone give her the occasional deep dicking that every good wife deserves. One lonely weekend Heather took to the Internet to find what she truly desired...
~ Poony

Heather's Tasty Treat

Heather was a lonely house wife. There is no doubt about it. Her husband was always away on lavish business trips working for the government and she was never able to get pleased between the sheets when he was home let alone any husbandly attention what so ever. He was more interested in fiscal budgets and internal revenue budgets than internal cum shots into his wife's lonely pussy. One day she just about had enough of him ignoring her needs and decided it was time to start masturbating. She went online to find pictures of big cocks to rub her pussy to. That is when she came across the Dark Cavern and found a black stallion in the classifieds wanting to fuck horny housewives. She could not believe how many women cheat because of husbands who just don't pay attention to their wives and talked with a few women who have found bliss with extra marital black cock. Thinking it over for a few days she finally jumped at the chance and her surrogate cock Mark suggested they video tape the whole thing for her hubby to watch and learn from. Heather wanted to keep it secret but figured a video of it may come in handy on nights where she needs to cum like a mad woman.

It was like watching a pig at feeding time. the way Heather lapped up that chocolate cock was like it was a German chocolate cake after a long starving day at work. She polished it up so well that when she opened her legs to receive her first fuck in months it slid right in and made it feel right at home. It was a very tight fit mind you but it was just perfect for her. He fucked her really firm and furiously. He even licked her sweet tasting pussy and took her in the bathroom. He stuffed all 10 inches in her poor pussy and made her cry in pain at some points. She loved every second of it and even loved the way he called her a "bitch" and a "black cock loving gutter slut" It showed that he was enjoying her pussy and cock in her mouth. that's more than her hubby has ever done for her.

She held onto the video and made pictures from it so that she could crop the penetration shots on lonely nights where just a quick pussy rub will do. She loved how the thick meaty cock felt sliding between her pussy lips and loved how dangerous it was that she could get caught so she left pictures like that on her hubby's computer for even more thrill. Harold saw them and figured that she was just surfing the net and saved some shot. Not wanting to make a big deal because he had pussy pics of his own he let it go. However he noticed something very familiar about these crotch shots and eventually asked her outright "Is this your pussy?" At that point she was so fed up that she showed him the video. Lets just say, this man was so shocked he didn't know what to say besides "So much for our vows you damn slut!" and smacked her. Shit hit the fucking fan and she knocked his two front teeth out and screamed..

"I need to get fucked occasionally Harold! Stop being so damn selfish! Until you learn to treat me like I am your fucking princess I'll be sucking one of these dark sausages down once a week, and you WILL be watching! Understand you piece of shit?! Now sit down and shut the fuck up and keep your fucking eyes on the screen you coward and don't you date ever lay a finger on me again unless it's to service my pussy like it's you precious budgets and work papers!" She was proud of what she had accomplished and he was lying there in pain and nodding to her every command.

She even made him send the videos to Dark Cavern each week until he learned to spend time with her and treat her like a wife. Funny part is, we think he just refuses to treat her the way she wants sexually because he likes watching her getting fucked and likes being bossed around! He says he's scared to death of his wife now too and fumbles everything he does so expect more cheating and beatings from his wife!

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