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Michelle gets a special treat for her birthday, a big black dildo! But is that the only birthday present she gets? You'll have to read the whole story to find out...
~ Poony

Michelle's Birthday Surprise: Part 1

It has been awhile since I have written about my wife’s adventures. I have been very busy to say the least. My wife’s birthday was August 31 and I arranged a little surprise for her. We dropped the kids off at her dads and went out for some dinner and drinks. We had a good time and I made sure we made it home by 10 o'clock.

On the way home, I had been playing with my wife’s breasts and rubbing her pussy through her silk thong panties she was wearing. Therefore, by the time we got home she was very horny and very wet. We made into the bedroom and stripped down in seconds my cock was as hard as a rock and it did not take long for my sweet baby to have her lips around it sucking it like a pro.

Soon I switched positions as I buried my face in her shaven pussy and began licking her like a mad man, she was moaning and bucking like crazy now as my tongue did its magic. I lifted my head from her dripping pussy and told her I had a surprise as I took out a blindfold from my dresser drawer. Soon I had her tied to the bed with her legs spread wide open.

I went to the bathroom closet and came out with a big black cock extension that I had bought recently and slid over my aching hard cock. I am about 7 inches and fairly thick, but with this thing, I was 9 inches long and very thick. I took some lubricant and smeared it all up and down my big black extended cock and squirted some into my wife’s gaping slit. Where did you get that my baby ask me, I bought it the other day for a surprise for you. I like your surprise baby she moaned. God I need to be fucked so bad baby, put that big black cock in me baby I need it bad.

With this, I put her blindfold on and began sliding my new and improved cock into to her. Oh, fuck she moaned god that feels good. Go slow baby she moaned as I slid deeper into her tight pussy. Soon I was buried balls deep in her tight pussy and she was moaning and whimpering more than my 7 inches had ever made her. I was slamming all nine inches in her like a jackhammer and she loved it. God I love big black cocks she moaned, fuck your slut baby fuck her hard. I fucked my wife hard until she was practically foaming at the mouth she was like an animal that could not get enough. I had come already and was getting tired so I slid out of my wife’s hot wet pussy and told her I would be right back. Where are you going she yelled need a drink be right back with your big black cock, you horny slut. I quietly opened the garage door and let in the rest of the surprise.

Tyrone, Derrick, and a couple of their friends were waiting. I walked back in the room and started fingering my wife as the guys watched. Next I took one of her big dildos and begin fucking her with it. She was moaning like crazy fucking back at the toy trying to get it deeper into her aching cunt. Soon the four guys were naked stroking there large swollen cocks. You ready for some more of this big black cock baby I ask my horny wife. Oh god yes fuck me baby, fuck your black cock-loving slut. I motioned for Tyrone to fuck her and he did not hesitate. Tyrone slid in between my wife’s legs and slid his big black cock in one powerful stroke. Ohhhhhhh fuckk my wife moaned God feel seven bigger than before baby. That because it is baby Tyrone whispered in her ear as her drove hard into her again. Oh, gooddd yessss Tyrone fuck me baby fuck your slut, you know I love your big black cock baby. I have missed this big cock so much baby. Soon Tyrone was hammering his cock in and out of her like a mad man. I untied my wife’s feet so Tyrone could put her feet in the air and really pound her deep.

His balls were slapping her ass, as he fucked her as hard as he could. Soon Derrick had moved over to my wife’s mouth and had began rubbing his swollen and dripping cock over my wife’s soft moist lips. Oh, yes more cock my wife moaned must be Derrick and his sweet tasting cock. Very good baby, now suck it baby because when Tyrone is done I am going to tear your ass up with this big cock. The other two guys Pat and Chris were watching in amazement as my wife took on these two guys. Pat stood 6 feet tall 200 lbs pretty solid, his cock looked to be about 9 to ten inches and fairly thick. Chris stood 6-7 easy 265 to 275 and built like a pro wrestler. His cock was huge it had to be 12 to 14 inches long and thick I mean thick. I bet it was almost as big around as a coke can. It was the biggest cock I had ever fucking seen. I was later to find out they call him the "Punisher" it looked unreal. I was worried he might be too much for my wife to handle. Well it looked like I was about to find out.

Tyrone began pumping harder and soon was filling my wife’s pussy with large amounts of his cum. Damn baby you are hell of a fuck that is for sure. We untied my wife’s hands but left the blind fold on. Derrick got her on all fours and slid his big black cock into her dripping pussy, and began stroking her hard and fast as he grabbed her hips and thrust into her with all his might. Derrick was not showing any mercy as his cock was ramming in and out of her like a large black jackhammer.

As Derrick continued his attack on her pussy Pat moved over and began rubbing his dripping cock head over my wife’s lips. Hmmmm I love the taste of cum my wife whimpered and moaned. Soon she was licking and sucking Pats cock like a pro. Derrick and Pat kept at it for a while working my wife’s mouth and cunt over good. Pat hands were on my wife head and he was fucking her face as he yelled swallow it all baby as he began squirting in her mouth. My wife swallowed every drop.

Derrick was not far behind and soon he was pumping another load deep in my wife’s hard fucked pussy. Yesssssss my wife moaned I love your cock Derrick. Ohhhhhhh shittttttttt she moaned as she started cumming again as she felt his hot cum filling her cunt deep inside. Soon Derrick had slid out and my wife was lying on her back her legs spread open and the cum running out of her wet slit. Slowly she reached down and began rubbing her clit and sliding her fingers inside herself come on guys she moaned this horny slut needs some more big black cock. Boy was she going to get her wish.

With that, Chris made his way in between my wife’s legs and prepared to introduce her to the biggest fucking cock I had ever seen. I found out later that only one other women had managed to take him all. Now there are two.

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