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Once Michelle felt the size of Chris pounding her tight white twat she decided this was her best birthday ever. She couldn't wait to rip off the blindfold and see what was coming next!
~ Poony

Michelle's Birthday Surprise: Part 2

My wife still had on her blindfold when this mountain of a man Chris slid in between her sexy legs. Chris began by slowly working his monster cock up and down my wife’s slit, which still had the other guys cum leaking out of it. This man was huge in both his cock size and his body. He dwarfed my wife as he held his large muscled body above her rubbing the entire length of that monster cock of his up and down her slick slit. Chris did this for several minutes coating the entire underside if his cock in my wife’s juices and the guys cum. My wife then reached down to guide monster cock into her but once she felt the size of his cock she immediately took of the blindfold to see what the hell was in her hand.

Hi there you sexy thing I heard Chris say in this deep voice, my name is Chris I heard you liked big black cocks so I brought you a little birthday present beautiful. My god you are huge she gasp, I have never seen any cock that big before. Not too many women have I imagine Chris said. I don’t know if I can handle you baby. I will go slow baby if you can handle these guys baby I bet you can handle me with a little work. My wife was now stroking his rock hard dripping cock with both her hands as she licked he precum from the enormous head of his cock.

My sweet wife was just staring at his huge cock in awe. Just how damn big is it my wife asks as she looked up at him? Nearly 14 inches baby when fully hard and 2-1/2 to 3 inches wide. God Chris I would love to feel you in me, ok I will give it a try. My wife then laid down, spread her legs, and motioned for Chris. Chris’s huge muscled body slid in between her legs and then positioned his monster cock at the entrance to her pussy. His cock dwarfed my wife’s pussy; you could not see her slit at all when he placed the head of it on her slit.

Slowly Chris begin to push into her with the first inch or two of his cock, her pussy was stretched tight around his cock and she whimpered in a little pain and a lot of pleasure. Chris slowly slid a couple more inches in and my wife whimpered loudly “ohhhhhhhhhh, ahhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk Chris you’re fucking huge, never been so full before. God feels like I am giving birth again, she moaned. Chris worked slowly getting the first 4 or 5 inches in her. His cock was shiny well at least the first 4 or 5 inches was. Every time he withdrew his cock, it looked like he was pulling her pussy out of her body. Moreover, every time he slid in her hole pussy would disappear back in side her. Slowly he pushed more into her “ohhhhhhhhhh, Godddddd, ohhhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmph my wife moaned as she grabbed the headboard hanging on for dear life. God it hurts so gooddddddddd Chris don’t stop baby give me a little more of that beautiful black cock baby.

Soon after some very hard work, Chris had managed to around10 inches in her and she was going nuts. It was as if she was having one continual orgasm her head was turning side to side and she was grunting, moaning and whimpering like some animal. I was truly amazed she was loving it; she was fucking loving his monster cock although it was nearly splitting her in two. I swear she was nearly delirious with lust. Chris was sliding 9 or 10 inches of his coke can thick cock in and out of her. It was not long before Chris was sweating and his whole body was glistening as he worked his monster in and out of her.

Chris was starting to pick up the pace and the force at which he was thrusting inside my wife. I noticed that he had worked all but 2 or 3 inches in her now and she was like a rag doll on the end of his mammoth tool. Then with one powerful animal thrust and grunt, he thrust and I heard my wife scream and moan in pleasure and pain. I looked down between her legs and saw his balls resting on my wife’s cream covered ass and his kinky black pubic hair pressed firmly against her shaven cunt. Chris, this monster of a man had taken my wife’s pussy and made it his I could see that clearly.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhh, shittttttttt so gooddd my wife yelled ohhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, I can feel him half way up my stomach she moaned as her head twisted side to side. Chris just held his 14-inch cock buried in her as deep as it would go as my wife as she continued to moan and writhe in ecstasy. By now, both Chris and my wife are covered in sweat and their bodies glistened in the candle light. My wife’s hands were exploring Chris’s muscular sweaty body as Chris slowly began to move his cock in and out of my wife’s pussy and inch or two at a time. It did not take long before Chris easily had 12 or more inches sliding in and out of my wife. My wife had both hands on his glistening sweaty ass grabbing it and digging her fingers into him as he thrust repeatedly into her. Damn baby, I heard Chris say I have never met anyone who could take my cock like you. Your wife here sure does like this big ole black cock Chris told me. Tell your hub over there just whose pussy this is now baby Chris said as he rammed for with all his might and shook the walls. Ohhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkk god so gooddddddddd Chriss ohhhhhhhhhh gooddddddddd I love your cock, I love it baby, this pussy is yours baby all yours my wife moaned. Oh fuck yes; I love being fucked by your big black cock. Chris and my wife’s bodies were now dripping with sweet as they fucked like animals their bodies slapping each against each other over and over again. Ohhhhhhhhhh, yessssssssssss god yessssssssssss Chris I can’t stop cumming ohhhhhhhhhh shitttttttttttttt feels so good you are amazing baby she told him. You can fuck me anytime baby she moaned, I am yours whenever you want. My wife was rambling on like a wild woman as Chris fucked the hell out of her. My wife looked as though she had just stepped out of the shower her hair was dripping wet, her body had sweat running down it, and her eyes were glassed over as though she was high on drugs. Chris was starting to thrust with even more force as I could tell he was about to empty his large balls into his new sluts pussy for the first time. He was pounding her pussy without any mercy now gritting his teeth as his thrust with all his might over an over driving his mammoth tool into my wife’s deepest depths. You could hear there skin slapping, as he would pull out and ram his cock as hard as he could back into my wife’s cunt. My wife had her legs wrapped around his back and her fingernails were digging into his ass as she fucked him back as hard as she could. Gooddddddddd she yelled I love your big fucking cock, ohhhhhhhhhh no ones ever made me feel this way.

Here it comes baby Chris grunted as his ass tightened and he thrust deep into her several times and then just held his cock balls deep as he pumped his hot seed deep in her cunt, Ohhhhhhhhhh my goddddddddddddddddd my wife screamed yessssssssssss, yessssssssssss come in me you beautiful black stud. Ohhhhhhh shit cumming againnnn, my wife moaned Ohhhhhhhhhh fuck Chris I love you, my wife screamed at him. You could see Chris’s cum beginning to ooze out from around his cock as he continued to pump his hot seed into her.

Damn guys, Chris owns that white slut now I heard one of the guys say as we all stood there with are rock hard cocks in our hands having watched the best fuck any of us had ever seen. We all spent the rest of the night either fucking my wife or getting sucked by my wife. Derrick and the other guys come over every now and then but no one comes close to Chris. He comes over a lot he says my wife is still the only women he has ever meant that can take his big cock like she does. I have come home several times in the evening to find the kids gone and my wife in the bedroom screaming and moaning as Chris turns her pussy inside out. We have a great time together and I love watching her getting fucked by him. Our sex life is better than ever now so I have no regrets, we fuck all the time and I get to watch her fuck her big black stud. My wife’s legs wrapped around Chris as she whimpers and his black ass thrusting up and down as he works that monster in and out of her is Still the most erotic thing I has ever seen or heard hands down. Hope you enjoyed

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