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Michelle has a passion for big black cocks, the more she can stuff inside her the happier she is. Her first black double penetration experience went a lot better than planned...
~ Poony

Michelle's First Double Penetration

My once sweet and innocent wife had just had her pussy opened up like never before by Tyroneís extremely thick cock and was still moaning, whimpering and shaking from her last orgasm as Tyrone slowly slid his cum covered cock from her gapping pussy. My wifeís pussy lips were red, swollen and covered in Tyroneís white creamy juice.

Oh Baby, my wife moaned donít pull out Tyrone I love the way your cock makes my pussy feel Tyrone. Donít worry baby there is plenty more for you here just thought I would give my boy Derrick a chance to hit this hot pussy of yours now that you are all loosened up. Derrick told my wife to get on all fours and get ready for some hardcore fucking. My wife did as she was told and rolled over, stuck her little white ass up in the air and told Derrick ďit is all yours baby fuck your white slut hardĒ My wifeís pussy was oozing Tyroneís thick white cum and you could see where it had run down between the crack of her ass as she rolled over. Derrick positioned himself on the side of the bed standing up and pulled my wife on to his rock hard cock.

Ohhhhhhh, ohhhhhhh Godddddd my wife moaned as Derrick buried all 11-inchs cock balls deep in my wifeís pussy in one powerful stroke. Damn Ty you did open this pussy up. Soon all you could hear were the sloshing sounds my wifeís pussy as Derricks large black cock slammed in and out of her as his large black balls slapped her white ass. My wife was making loud moaning and whimpering sounds as he slammed his cock in and out of her pussy like a jackhammer pounding on concrete. As Derrick continued pounding her aching pussy, I noticed he had slowly started working his finger in and out of her cum covered asshole as well. Hey, Tyrone I think the slut here likes having her tight white ass fingered. It sure looks like it, Tyrone answered.

Derrick took his hand and removed some of the cream from around his cock and rubbed it up all around my wifeís asshole, then slid two fingers deep in her just as he rammed his cock forward with all his strength. Ohhhhhhh, myyyyyyyy Godddddd, ooohh shittttttttt Derrick my wife moaned as Derrick worked his cock and fingers in and out of her. You like that donít you baby, yesssssss she moaned feels sooooooooooo good. You want this black cock in your ass donít you baby. Oh yes, yes I do, please Derrick fuck my ass with your big beautiful black cock, make me your slut. Derrick slid out of her pussy, placed the head of his cock on my wifeís asshole, and slowly started pushing in her. Ohhhhhhh, Derrick it hurts, stop I canít take it Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, shittttttttt it hurts Derrick please stop Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, fuckkkkkkkkkkkk, feels like your splitting me in half. Derrick had about 6-inches in her ass and just held it there, hold on sweetheart give it a minute. My wifeís asshole was stretched wide open and Derrick cock was hard as steel and glistening with her juices as he held it at 6 inches for a few minutes. Soon my wifeís pain had stopped and Derrick began sliding in and out and my wifeís asshole with about 6 to 7 inches of his black cock. My wife was going wild she was pulling the sheets of the bed and moaning, as though she was possessed. Ty had slipped over in front of my wife on the bed and had my wife licking up and down his cock and sucking his balls, while Derrick continued to introduce my wife to her first butt fuck.

After several minutes, the guys decided to do something different so they had my wife climb on top of Ty and she began riding him while Derrick came in from behind her. You ready for a double I heard the guys ask her. Fuck yessss my wife moaned. With that, my wife lay down on Tyís chest and Derrick slid his cock back up my wifeís ass. It took a few minutes but soon they found a rhythm and they began fucking my wife. Ohhhhhhh myyyyyyyy Godddddd, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh shitttttttttttttt oh baby this feels so good, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssss, yessssssssssss fuck your slut guys. I love having two cocks in me ohhhhhhhhhh, canít stop cumming my wife yelled almost out of her mind. Soon I could see Derrickís cock slide forward almost to the balls, then he would pull out and Tyís cock would fill her pussy to the balls. They kept this seesaw up for several minutes until I thought my wife would pass out.

My wifeís eyes were rolled back in her head as she looked over at me, the two men began pumping faster and harder pounding her as they neared filling my wife with their hot cum. Within minutes, I heard them both grunt here it comes baby as their sweaty bodies began tightening and flexing as they shot their loads deep in my wife. My wife let out this deep groan as her body was filled with there juices. Ohhhhhhh, god I can feel them both baby squirting in me filling me full, ohhhhhhh, Godddddd cumming again yesssssssssssssssss.

Derrick and Ty got up to clean up, Ty went to the spare bath to shower and Derrick showered in the main bathroom. You OK I ask my wife, who was covered I sweat and whoís eyes were glassed over as though she was on a drug of some sort. Yes, baby I am fine tired but fine. Baby that was incredible my wife told me I lost count of how many times I came. Did you enjoy the show she asks me, very much so, you were incredible.

You know you have not got to fuck me yet why donít you come over here, fuck your black cock slut, and fill me with another load of cum. I climbed between my wifeís legs and slid my aching cock in her with ease. I could feel Tyís hot cum squirt out as I slid in her. Her pussy was so wet and hot as I fucked her it was incredible. I even managed to slide my cock up her ass for a while and fucked her something I had never done before. Soon Derrick and Ty were standing by the bed wrapped in towels, watching me fuck my wife, Damn that bitch cannot get enough can she I heard one of the guys say. Soon I shot my load and climbed of my wife. There she was my once sweet and innocent wife laying there cum dripping out of her pussy and ass, while she rubbed her clit asking who wanted to be next and that her pussy was in aching for some more cock. The three of us spent the rest the night fucking my wife in every possible position we could think of until she was exhausted as were we.

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