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Heidi went back to work the next day with honest intentions of stopping her sexual rendezvous with Mr. Joseph. When confronted, Miss Swiss didn't have the will power she had hoped...
~ Poony

Summer Help: Part 2

I returned to work the next day with the intention of insisting that my lascivious black employer stop treating me like his paid slut. I truly did tell myself that Ward would have to stop... that it would all have to stop. I was Tommy’s fiancé and that was that—period! Over! Finis!

“But then why have I worn such a short skirt, again?” I asked myself.

As I entered Ward Joseph’s office, my nerve began to give way. At first sight, I was shocked to see what appeared a paunchy, middle aged, short black man. But as soon as he looked up at me, I felt I was in the presence of a very potent African Chieftain.

“Heidi, let’s not let those skirts get too long now,” he smiled, sarcastically indicating he liked that my skirt barely covered my privates.

“Is there anything I can do for you this morning, Mr. Joseph,” I asked, attempting to get our relationship back on a more formal and professional basis — at least for appearance sake.

“Yes, Heidi. There is something you can do for me this morning.” Mr. Joseph remarked with mock formality. “Why don’t you close the door? This is a confidential issue, Heidi.”

I closed the door with trepidation.

Ward Joseph then wheeled his chair back from the desk, and I could see his trousers were tented grotesquely by his straining hard-on.

“Heidi, could you take care of this right away? It’s your top priority for the morning young lady,” he beamed caustically. Then he made it bulge up against his stretched fly.

“I... I really think...”

“Heidi you’re not paid to think!” he sneered. “I do the thinking in this office. You’re paid to do the labor. Understand, Swiss Miss?”

I was stunned by his sharp command.

“Now, get over here and get on your knees... and do what you really want to do, anyway.”

A long moment passed. I couldn’t seem to take my eyes from the large throbbing bulge in Mr. Joseph's pants.

My knees felt weak.

"May I lock the door?”

“Of course, child.”

I locked the office door. Then returned to the man whose will so over-powered my own that I was willing to whore myself to him.

I dropped to my knees before him and reached out to stroke the meaty hardness that was harnessed beneath the thin, expensive fabric of his pants.

I unzipped him and pulled out the thick blackness that now dominated so much of my fantasy and thought. I took it into my mouth and began to suck it and taste it. I loved this strong, black being and the thick aroma that wafted up from his loins into my nostrils.

I felt his hand cradle the back of my head as I bobbed and sucked, licked and kissed, the beautiful, black spire. I found myself worshipping at the alter of his black dick.

I looked up at my sexual master and placed my lips to the wet sloppy head of his dark organ.

“I love you Ward...” I closed my eyes and whispered.

“I know you do, Heidi. I know...” Ward answered as he pet my head. “You just let me do the thinking for both of us, child. I’m going to take care of you from here on in.”

The words were like an opiate to my ears. I wanted this man. I wanted his strength, his confidence, his willpower... I wanted his blackness... for me and me alone.

I continued to suck and suck at his thick mahogany shaft until he pulled my lips from his dick.

“I have to have you right now.” he grunted. “Get those off and get on the couch.”

I no longer questioned this powerhouse of a man. I disrobed in the middle of his office, as did he.

“Goddamn, Heidi!” he remarked, looking me over. “You’ve got to have the best body I ever seen, girl!”

I laid back onto the couch. Looking up at my naked, African-American employer, I spread my thighs as an invitation for him to take and plunder my white flesh how ever he saw fit.

Ward Joseph climbed onto the couch and stroked the fat, black dick that would have disgusted me just three days ago. He wiped it up and down along the pouting, slickened lips of my womanhood.

“Put it in, Heidi,” he sneered down at me.

I reached down and grasped the middle-aged, black phallus and positioned it to my vaginal passage. As he looked down, deep into my eyes, Ward Joseph, black entrepreneur, thrust his hips forward and broke into the white girl beneath him.

In his eyes, I could see he was breaking into all the white girls who had ever teased or taunted him with their good looks; who had ever ignored him while they flirted with white boys not half his intelligence or ability; who had looked the other way in disgust when they had seen him admiring them; all of them were now in heat beneath his bucking loins, unprotected and willing.

Ward began to punish me with deep powerful thrusts into my young and tender...and white pussy.

“Unnngghh...Unnngghh...Unnngghh,” I grunted, each time the middle-aged black above me slammed his pelvis to mine.

The fat dick was stretching, straining and battering the lips of my pussy. My demanding black superior was now breaking me open to meet the dimensions his sexing required.

Again and again, for what seemed like hours, Ward Joseph pummeled my soft whiteness with the dark, powerful blackness of his being. Outside the office door, no doubt, everyone heard the racket going on behind the boss’ closed doors...as he got a full day’s work from his young, white intern.

“She got ‘in turned’ all right!” would become the joke of the office in weeks to come due to this incident.

“Good God!!!” Ward moaned. Then I felt a molten eruption deep within my unprotected, Caucasian womb. As he did the day I fellated him in the parking lot, Ward came in plentiful waves of semen. I felt as though he were hosing my insides with the thick, rich black seed that would change the destiny of my heretofore quiet, white life.

Ward Joseph, the strange, little, black man I found “gross” just days before, had now mounted and impregnated me with the seed of darkest Africa.

I looked up into his eyes and kissed him, open-mouthed. My tongue played with his in a nasty, hungry, dirty way.

I was now Ward Joseph’s lover.

Ward and I spent the better part of an hour in each other’s arms on the couch. He became hard again and we had several rounds of loud, violent fucking there on his office couch.

When he was finished, he sat up and told me it was time I got dressed and did the rest of my job, meaning the office work.

The rest of the day, I had all I could do to keep away from Billy and the other black employee. Every other minute they seemed to be trying to get me alone at some part of the office. After having heard their employer enjoying me most the morning, they now wanted to try to do the same. But I managed to evade their wiles.

My day was spent visiting the Women’s Room and lining the crotch of my panties with paper towels so that I wouldn’t leak remnants of Ward’s voluminous seeding of me. I was scared to death I’d get up and find a sticky wet spot on my office chair.

During the day I would check in on Ward and see how he was doing. He was bent over his work and on the phone all the time. He pretty much ignored me.

“You feel so stressed, sweetheart,” I said to him as I casually massaged his shoulders. “Is there any thing I could do for you?” I inquired, hopefully.

“No, babycakes. Not now. Got work to do. Later.”

“Ok...just let me know,” I purred.

“You know I will,” he smiled. “Now get your sorry white ass back to work,” he chuckled.

I left his office with an exaggerated sway to my hips. At the doorway, I stopped, looked over my shoulder, stroked my ass and said loudly with a put-on sexiness:

“Just let me know when you’ll need me again, Mr. Joseph.”

Ward Joseph laughed heartily, enjoying that the two other employees would have heard the obvious offer I had made their boss.

That night when I arrived home, Tommy was in an ugly mood.

“Why are you gettin’ home so fuckin’ late all the time?” he snarled.

“Because one of us has to pay the rent,” I countered, stopping him, momentarily, in his tracks.

“Are you seein’ somebody?” he said, as if it just dawned on him.

Tommy followed me into the bedroom awaiting his answer. As I undressed, no answer came. With each passing minute, I could feel his shock and anger rising.

“You are! Goddamn it! You are fuckin’ around!” he shouted.

“Tell me, who? Why? What’s goin’ on?” he stammered, both angry and frightened at the same time.

“Tommy...I think we need a break. Don’t you?” I finally said, casually, as I combed my hair in the mirror.

“But...but...what...where will I go?” he stammered in bewildered disbelief.

“I guess you’ll go and find a job,” I said bluntly. “Most men do, you know,” I said, emphasizing the word, “men.”

Tommy stood in stunned silence.

“Who is it?” he asked again. “Heidi, I gotta know,” he pleaded.

Tommy had never been bested by another man before. Being all-state quarterback, he had always had girls chasing him. Times had changed. An experienced black man was now his competitor. And Tommy wasn’t measuring up. I suddenly saw Tommy as just a boy, confused and inexperienced. Ward was a man: experienced, confident and potent...and black.

My choice wasn’t difficult. Tommy had to go.

“Oh, no...” Tommy said, as if something terrible was dawning on him. “No, no...Holy shit! You ain’t fuckin’ that old nigger are you!” he blurted out. “Tell me you ain’t doin’ that slimy, old, black bastard!”

I looked up at him shaking with rage:

“If you ever call him that again...” I couldn’t finish the sentence. I was afraid of what I’d say.

“Goddamn!!! You are fuckin’ that old, fuckin’ son-of-a-bitch!!!” Tommy was in a rage now.

“Tommy I think you should go sit down, have a beer and cool off. I’m not going to discuss it this way!”

Tommy punched the wall and stormed out of the bedroom. I heard him open a can of beer and plop himself on the couch, his second home.

I continued combing my hair, but I was shaking. Tommy was angry—jealous angry—almost out of control. He had never experienced a man getting his girl friend to cheat on him before. He had done it to others, as if it were his right as a football star. But he had never experienced being victimized before. And now it was by a squat, middle-aged black man, at that.

Suddenly the doorbell rang.

I had on just a light, unbuttoned blouse, over my bra and panties. I still had my heels on. I heard Tommy open the door and exclaim:

“What the fuck are you doin’ here?”

I ran out to the living room, half naked as I was.

There in the doorway stood Ward Joseph. He was immaculately dressed in suit and tie. He must have come directly from work. I couldn’t believe he did this knowing I lived with Tommy, nearly my fiancé.

At 6’3”, Tommy towered over Ward.

“Look asshole. You came at the wrong time! I know you been screwin’ Heidi, ok! Now you’re about to get your ass kicked.”

“I don’t think so, boy,” Ward answered quietly, confidently. “In the Marines, I was a Master Karate trainer for ten years. Now, if you’d like to see if I still have what it takes...and maybe want to take the whupping of your life...at the hands of an old man, half your size...and in front of Heidi, here...well, go on, take your best shot. I’m not going anywhere.”

Ward stood there just a few feet from Tommy, staring him down. Tommy stood frozen. I could see red rising from his neck to his face. As the long moments passed, he seemed to be losing his nerve before this arrogant, assertive, little black man.

Finally, Tommy broke eye contact.

“Hey, if she wants you...that’s her decision,” Tommy’s voice quaked nervously.

“Exactly,” Ward confirmed. “I’m glad you’ve come to see the light, boy. Now why don’t you go for a little walk while I have a visit with Heidi?”

I couldn’t believe that this wouldn’t rile Tommy back into a fighting heat. But he just stood there, again, for along few moments. Then he abruptly grabbed his jacket and walked out the door, red-faced.

Ward casually slammed the door behind him.

“You’ve got to send him packing, tonight. You deserve much better...much better, and much blacker,” he said, arms spread with a wide grin.

Ward Joseph then took me by the hand and led me to the bedroom.

When we got to the bedroom, we both began undressing as though we were a married couple who had been together for years.

After getting completely naked, I took Ward’s clothing and put it on a hanger. I noticed there was no room in the closet, so I took some of Tommy’s clothes and through them on the floor. I pictured the closet sans Tommy’s wardrobe and realized there would now be enough room for Ward to leave some of his clothes here. It would make it easier for him to stay overnight.

We climbed into bed and kissed deeply.

“What made you come over tonight?” I asked.

“Needed some of this...” he answered nonchalantly.

“Weren’t you concerned about Tommy?”

“You kidding? He’s a boy. Like I said before, I want his lazy, white butt out of here tomorrow.”

I nodded.

“I understand, sweetheart. And I agree.”

Ward rolled me over onto my back and began mounting me. His manhood felt as thick as a beer can as he poked it to my nether lips. I understood what he wanted. I reached down and guided the thick, meaty cudgel into my aching and wet cunt.

Ward drove himself home with a fast, hard thrust. I felt skewered for his enjoyment. He now lifted my legs up over his shoulders and bent me back for maximum penetration. With that, his hips began to jackhammer his bloated dick into me. I was being impaled by a man who would have easily met the description of ‘sex machine’.

Ward Joseph at 5’6” was now mounting the 6’3” Tommy Richards’ fiancé. And with each pounding thrust into my womb, the diminutive black man was taking me from the larger White.

Somewhere out in the dark, Tommy was forced to back off, while the true alpha male, Ward Joseph, took his woman for breeding.

I moaned aloud under the violent, breeding assault of Ward Joseph. My large breasts—always too large for my slender frame—were now bouncing wildly about, nearly hitting me in the chin, as Ward pounded and pummeled himself into me.

“Ooooooo Ward!!!” I whinnied, as he rode me so roughly I thought the bed would give way. Then he grunted and I felt his balls lift and his dick spasm. He came in heavy viscous loads that flooded my womb.

Tommy had always used condoms. I had never even thought to ask Ward Joseph to wear a condom. It would have seemed ludicrous. And I would never have had the nerve to ask it anyway. Ward wasn’t the kind of man you ask to be protected from.

On the contrary, I wanted him in me. I wanted him skin to skin. I wanted to feel the vitality of his naked blackness penetrating me, and I wanted to feel the warmth of his seed filling me and over flowing from me...as if I were a white, blonde chalice made only to be filled with his virile African Seed.

I could feel the gooey semen oozing down the crack of my ass. Ward was still cumming though. It continued to run down the crack of my ass and began to pool on the bed, staining through the sheets to the mattress. I felt as though a volcano had erupted within me and a hot, thick river of lava now ran down over my ass.

My legs wrapped around Ward’s hips:

“Make me a baby, honey,” I whispered in his ear.

To those words I felt his dick spasm again, causing more African lava to run down over my cheeks to what was once to be Tommy’s and my marital bed. Tommy seemed to be a million years in the past. I was only concerned now with the 50-year-old, black man on top of me...Ward Joseph.

After several minutes Ward rolled off me and went to the bathroom to pee.

When he re-entered the room, I could see that, amazingly, he was starting to get hard again.

He got on the bed straddling my face, his knees beside my shoulders.

The black man I found ‘gross’ 3 days before for looking me over now began to jerk his dick just inches over my face.

He smirked down at me as he stroked the thickening meat just an inch below my nose. I knew what he was intending. It was crude, but I didn’t care. I wanted what ever would please him.

As he stroked away, I leaned up and kissed the jerking head of his dick. It made my lips wet. I looked up into his eyes as I stroked his thighs. Soon I found my hand cradling his over sized balls, tickling and jiggling them to aid him in my own debasement.

“Many times I had to be forced to just look at a girl like you, Heidi, and then go do this over a toilet, babe...now I have your gorgeous face to do it over. Don’t I?”

I nodded my assent with a resigned smile.

I could feel a sprinkling now of pre-cum that was flying here and there, onto my face, from the furiously flogged head of his rampant member.

Then the dam burst and thick, jetting bursts of viscous semen shot into my face. I closed my eyes and winced as I was hit again and again with powerful volleys from Ward Joseph’s virile loins.

One shot hit my forehead and ran into my eye, closing it shut. Another went over the bridge of my nose and ran down my cheek. Yet another went into my hair, and one burst shot up my nose causing me to cough and choke, as Ward Joseph smiled down on his young, blonde target.

“I remember that smug little attitude you had the first day, bitch. I wanted to wipe it out of my memory. I want to remember you always, just the way you look now.”

I looked up through my one uncovered eye. Ward placed the sticky head of his dick to my lips. I strained to take it into my mouth. Again, he smile down at me, hands on his hips. He looked down at me, my lips stretched around the barrel of his fat, black dick, his cum poring down my face.

Ward straddled just a bit. I could feel him rubbing his hairy balls on my chin.

“Don’t want to get whisker-burn, now do you, Heidi?” he laughed. I couldn’t smile back because he had my mouth filled with him.

Finally, Ward pulled his dick from my mouth, it made a loud pop. He began to rub the nozzle of his meat over my cum-glossed face, and then feed it into my mouth. First he wiped my left cheek and brought it to my lips, then the right. It was as if he was using his dick as a ladle, feeding a hungry child.

“That’s it, Heidi. My, my, child! You are a hungry little Swiss Miss today aren’t you? Well, this is one African man who is going to keep that little belly of yours full—in more ways than one!”

I continued to be fed by Ward until most of the thick globs of his discharge were wiped from my face and swallowed. My face was still sticky and shiny with my black lover’s seed.

Ward’s cumming all over my face seemed to me like an animal’s marking his territory. He wanted it to be clear to me that I was his now, no one else’s...and least of all, Tommy’s.

I smiled up at him. I would have been just as happy to bathe in his cum if he’d wanted me to.

Although I had stripped the bed of the sheets, when Tommy got home later that night, he saw the huge cum stains all over the mattress. He just stared at them. He knew he could have never done that. They were the stains that only a very potent man could have left behind.

Tommy was like a victim of shell-shock. He was very quiet and extremely polite to me. He realized I had witnessed him freeze in the presence of Ward Joseph. Freeze and back down.

I indicated that Ward wanted him to go and Tommy packed and left the next day. It was almost like watching a lost child go out into the world.

In time, Tommy called to see if I could help him with money. Ward hired him weekly to wash Ward and Billy’s car. It was strange to see him out in the parking lot washing the cars. Billy would sometimes be brutal with Tommy insisting there was a spot missed and having him re-do it. Tommy never argued; he needed the money, badly.

As the months passed, my belly swelled enormously with Ward’s first baby boy. We married a month before the child came. The look in my parent’s eyes when they met Ward was...well, on e of shock. But I didn’t blame them. When I first met Ward I dismissed him the same way...but I learned better. My parents would too—in time.

I gave Ward first a boy, then twin girls a little over a year later. Ward loved showing me off pregnant to his friends. He was proud of me. You might say I was his white, Swiss, trophy wife.

All the children looked like him and were just as black. He told me that I was the ‘perfect brood mare,’ in that all the children resembled the father.

And I was a good wife to Ward. Even when I was enormously pregnant with his children, I never neglected his ‘needs’. In my 7th and 8th months, huge and swollen, I would still strip down and just hold on to one of the bedposts, while standing, and let Ward get behind me and pump his amazing tool into me.

I loved the sex just as much pregnant as not.

I’m proud to say that Ward has me currently in the family way again with his 4th. It looks to be another boy.

As for me, I have gotten everything I ever wanted. A large home, a virile, well-to-do husband, great sex, and a brood of healthy children. While my family is darker than I imagined as a child, I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Neither would my mother...but that’s another story.

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