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Tired of site downtime and lame excuses from your hosting company?
Funny how hosting companies don't realize how crucial site uptime is to our bottom line. If our sites are down how can we possibly make any sales? Luckily I haven't had that problem in close to 2 years. Ever since switching all of my hosting to Phat Servers my stress has been down and my sites have been zipping along beautifully. The best thing is they're constantly updating their network with new hardware to make speed and reliability even better, can't go wrong really.

If you're tired of putting up with downtime bull shit from YOUR hosting company, email Sly at Phat Servers and he'll hook you up with a sweet deal. Be sure to mention my name and get the extra special "Poony Touch". ;-)

Great New Sponsor to Try!
If you're anything like me your eyes are always propped open looking for the newest sponsor that actually makes you money. I've just stumbled upon Archive Cash and have to tell my friends about it. This program is a massive niche based DVD archive. Every niche gets its own site and further breaks down all scenes by sub-niche. Say you have ebony teen traffic, send it directly to the ebony teen page instead of the general ebony page and watch your conversions get stupid. They pay out $30 per trial, can't beat it really. Click here to start making money! Send your gay traffic to Gay Gravy for the same dough.

So you want to get listed at Poony's Pics? Here's how!
I'm not a Nazi. Getting your site listed here at Poony's Pics is very simple. Simply follow the rules and I'll add a link to your site in the appropriate category. We're both in this game to make money, so none of my rules are insane or difficult to follow. I submit free sites too, I know what it's like trying to follow bull shit rules. Make sure your site complies with the rules below and then fill out the following form to submit your site. One last thing, I am very busy so do us both a favor and fill out the form correctly.

My rules... comply or die! Updated Junv 5th, 2007
1. You MUST submit a free site, this is NOT a TGP.
2. Your site must have between 20 and 30 pics. No more, no less.
3. No blind links. No FPAs. No consoles. No bull shit.
4. Limit outgoing links to a max of 4, preferably 2-3.
5. Reciprocal links are required. Click here for pre-approved links.
6. No CP, beast, scat, watersports, or other obscene niches.

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